A swimming pool can provide the perfect backyard getaway for you and your family

AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL is actively engaged in supplying, installing, and servicing equipment and tools related to the maintenance, cleaning, fabrication, and construction of Swimming Pools and water amusement. Supplying quality products with a good value for money coupled to an efficient and prompt after-sales service is the company’s philosophy which remains unchanged success and leadership in the trade.

We offer technical back-up for all products and guarantee the quality of its principal’s materials. As a matter of fact, the displayed wide choice of equipment and its related spared parts could possibly be considered as the most comprehensive range available in the U.A.E. under one roof.

AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL is also engaged in General Merchant, Wholesalers and Distributors of all kind of swimming pool, water leisure equipment and accessories is only a call away.


Do you want a beautiful and well-designed swimming pool in your property? Are you looking for some of the best Swimming Pool contracting companies in the market? If yes, we are here to help. We offer you great Swimming pool contracting services like swimming pool construction, swimming pool builders, swimming pool designers, and swimming pool maintenance.

AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL is one of the growing Swimming pool contracting and designing Companies in Dubai focused on offering the best quality services to the customers. We are Swimming Pool builders and have been tirelessly constructing backyard pools. Our work portfolio majorly consists of creating commercial and residential pools, water features, fountains, and various other landscaping essentials. Our team of skilled and talented workers takes the work very seriously and has a great passion for creating designer and customized swimming pools.

So, if you are considering a customized swimming pool in your backyard then straightaway contact us. We will fulfil all your pool needs and make sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with our services. Let professional Swimming Pool Contractors, designers and builders like us handle all your swimming pool needs: contact us today!

Want a designer swimming pool at your place?

Let “Five stars silver swimming pool” match you with your needs and demands”. If you’ve always dreamt of spending your summer days beside a pool, it may be the right time to consider hiring us. We are a skilled Swimming Pool Designer who can not only help you with the design and final pool installation but also assist in proper maintenance and servicing once it is completed.

Are you not sure where to start? We are here to help!

Whether you are at the initial levels of planning or simply want to re-create the existing design of your swimming pool, a qualified Swimming Pool Design Company like us will definitely get you on the right track.

We will evaluate your outdoor space and your wishes to identify a proper design for your backyard, installing your pool once the plan is approved and implemented. Once finally installed, we can also handle the cleanings, maintenance, repairs and replacements, and water testing.

Swimming Pool Execution

Water features are the best way to give a unique appearance to the home landscape with sound, texture & movement

We at AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL  work with experienced engineers and technicians to bring out beautiful water feature design. We work with innovation and creativity and provide a range of services which include planning, designing and building fountains and water features. Our integration with the environment and working module is so unique that it helps to bring out amazing results. The clients from UAE love to connect with us because we work on a wide range of water features like fountains, waterfalls, ornamental pools, reflecting pools, ponds, fish ponds and many more.

We start our work by initially consulting with our clients and knowing their requirements. Later, we design the model and structure through sketches as per on-site space and environment requirements. We consider the following points for water feature design:

Space: The available space in the location to install the water features so that it beautifully comes out in the limited area. Our technicians plan in such a way that even a small garden or landscape can be properly used. You do not have to worry if you have less space and still love to have a fountain. We will arrange it for you.

Cost: Our initial discussion with the clients helps us to know the budget plan so we customize our work accordingly. We provide the best water feature in a cost-effective deal for you. The installation of fountains or other water features is generally considered luxurious but with us, the cost of the will never be so luxurious for you. You will get a beautiful look for your house with minimum expense.

We know that you love luxury but with no worry about any maintenance of the same. We keep this in mind and try to come up with the ideas which will need the minimum care and maintenance. We consider the weather, surrounding areas and many other factors that can affect the condition of the water features. In case, you think maintenance is getting on your nerves, we will lend our help for the same.

Further, we use the model structure of the water feature as a trial to analyze the result of the plan that we draft and integrate the same with the imagination of the client. Once the idea is finalized and we think that it has achieved the imagination of the client, we shift our focus on giving engineer solutions to the product with the use of advanced technology. Our development section works with the quality inspection so that the product comes out to be the best with a perfect finish. A small defect in the water features will destroy the complete look and disturb the water flow so we try to eliminate all of them during the development and installation process. We aim to use innovation, emerging technology and new ways and create memorable experiences.

Fountains and water features bring psychological benefits for the people so there must be no fault in the same. To minimize mistakes and have a beautiful time near water features in your home landscape, you should immediately contact us.


Welcome to Five stars silver swimming pool- the one-stop answer for your pool maintenance needs!

Are you considering hiring professionals for your swimming pool maintenance and services? If yes, look no further than “AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL ”. We offer comprehensive swimming pool maintenance services including plumbing, water treatments, cleaning, and regular check-up. We offer a full range of unique swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services for commercial and residential pools throughout Dubai.

Whether you are looking for an affordable service, a onetime pool clean up or simply quick maintenance for your pool, five stars silver swimming pool is your go-to professional for Pool Maintenance Services. You can rely on us for high-quality materials, best services, and on-time delivery.

What makes us stand out?

We fully understand the significance of having a well-maintained and cleaned swimming pool. Maintaining a pool simply means taking responsibility for your cleanliness and hygiene and which is why we take our work very seriously. We offer all the pool maintenance services you could get to ensure a safe and fresh swim for your loved ones.

At AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL, we ensure that the pool and its surrounding areas are kept clean and well-maintained at all times for the full leisure and fun of our customers. For the surrounding areas, in particular, we keep all the paved areas as well as the changing rooms well maintained and clean that too with minimal interference to pool users. Additionally, we can also design your dream pool and maintain it at the highest standards possible.

Investment in a swimming pool is always worth it because it gives an amazing swimming experience and helps to beat scorching summers but people feel irritated when they have to add pool accessories.

They feel that it is an additional expense along with the regular maintenance of the pool. But they generally forget or avoid analyzing that the use of pool accessories like swimming pool cover will reduce the maintenance cost. It will protect the swimming pool from litters, impurities and unwanted materials that deteriorates the condition and reduce the enjoyment in the pool. Keeping several factors in mind, it is important that you instantly get the swimming pool cover for your structure.

Getting a pool cover is not enough; it requires the right Swimming Pool Cover Installation so that it properly covers the pool and protects it for the long run. We at AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL  provide trained and experienced professionals to install swimming pool covers. Our team plans and implement the installation process in such a way that it is easy to use and maintain. We get to know the requirements of the people, study the environmental condition of the location and then advice for the type of pool covers. The technicians at AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL  work for both automatic and non-automatic pool covers.

We are well-versed in our installation service but the one which excites our client is the Inground swimming pool cover installation. It is something where we install the pool cover in the limited space but in the most accurate way. We work with the advanced technology and innovative mind to install electronic pool covers and so that it is easy to use without complication. We aim to provide the effortless functioning of the cover so that they are efficient and durable.

Benefits of our Swimming Pool Cover Installation are:

Easy Customization: There is a standard way to install the pool cover which most of the companies follow but we never restrict ourselves with the same. We customize the product and the installation process as per the requirement of the client and the location.

Cost-effective: We are the best company in Dubai to install Swimming Pool Covers because we keep quality as the top-most priority but along with that we do care for the cost of installation. If you compare the cost in the market, you will find that we deal with the minimum cost.

Warranty in installation: We provide a warranty for the Swimming Pool Cover Installation. In case clients face any issue after installation, we redo the process or make the required changes. We provide a warranty for a specific time and serve our clients free of cost.

Splash Pool

Pool Automation

We carry a wide variety of ceramic, glass and natural tile for you to choose from.


Pool Lighting

We able to troubleshoot your lights and recommend the best course of action.