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We pride ourselves on the depth and level of experience that we have established and continue to establish within our consultancy division ranging from strategy, structure, concept design, the mood and feel, operations and workability. We are able to achieve this synergy within all of the key elements, as it is imperative to have such collaboration within a team, to be able to accurately capture every aspect of a project to absolute perfection.

Our team of specialized SPA & Pools consultants, architects, designers, and engineers combine their expertise to make sure that your facility will be uniquely designed, equipped and prepared always and available anytime.

What makes us stand apart?

Cleaning services for your swimming pool are required to keep your pool clear and prepared. It is interesting to take the pool cleanup, but it will take a lot of time. It's not the best way to go and search the pool for strange leaves and put in the proper chemicals. By employing a skilled swimming pool management firm in Dubai, you ensure that your pool is impressive and that the water quality of the pool remains outstanding and disinfected.

So, if you consider having a SPA in your backyard then contact us. We will fulfil all your needs and make sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with our services.


    - Turn-Key - SPA & Pools Facility - SPA Equipment Implementation - Pool & Water Features design and built - After Sales Services.

    - Sauna - Steam rooms - Jacuzzi - Cold pools - Ice pools - Swim spa - Salt rooms A big option with respect to time, room and resources is the move to have a spa in your house. Creating a relaxing area does not only enhance the aesthetics of your home, it also offers an important working feature and comfort to connect with your buddies and family. Being able to unwind from a day of action or linger with your family or with friends, in an absolute arrangement is a true luxury. It is built to give you the best of peace and comfort in your house.

How do we make it happen?

Years of spa wellness expertise have given us the ability to practice in the area of wellness for private homes. Whichever room you pick, our professional team and jacuzzi builders can create and install a perfect spa in your house on a budget and on time, choosing only the products and better class materials from the finest suppliers. The items are crafted to complement the project's layout and nature and to adapt the setup to the home so that it is suited correctly inside.

The Value of our Spa & Wellness services

Our saunas are created entirely internally, we take control of the whole design procedure in the building of constructs and its completion. In comparison to saunas, the heat is gentler, but the temperature is much greater for the steam bath but is not inherently more extreme than the typical sauna. We develop and assemble custom products which can be adapted to any proposed design.

You are submerged in a special atmosphere that helps the body and mind to indulge in calming, restorative sensations and experiences through the stimulation of music, gentle lighting and calming aromas.