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We’ll clean, scrub, top-up and disinfect the water. If anything obstructs, breaks or makes funny noises we can fix it. We’ll come over as often as you like and on whatever days of the week that is convenient for you. To get all of this done, just fill in the form or give us a call after which it’s just a matter of sitting back, enjoying life and lazing by the pool.

Our Maintenance Team:

The team at AL NOJOOM AL KHAMS – 5STARS POOL is a well-experienced crew and plays a major role in the ongoing growth of our company. With their advanced skills and efforts and with the rapid development of our business, we have emerged as a growing Swimming Pool Maintenance company within Dubai. Over the years, our company has taken different jobs, ranging from swimming pool installations to cleaning, maintenance and designing services. We have progressed successfully to cover every aspect of pool development thereby giving happy and satisfactory services for all your needs and demands.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance:

Cleaning services for your swimming pool are required to keep your pool clear and prepared. It is interesting to take the pool cleanup, but it will take a lot of time. It's not the best way to go and search the pool for strange leaves and put in the proper chemicals. By employing a skilled swimming pool management firm in Dubai, you ensure that your pool is impressive and that the water quality of the pool remains outstanding and disinfected.

Swimming Pool Renovation:

Renovations of swimming pools can be carried out only if you are 100 % dedicated to its redevelopment. The type and style that you choose should be considered during swimming pool renovation work. Our expert staff conducts several checks on the concrete and pipeworks to find leaks.
A special chemical injector treatment system is used to seal hairline cracks in the concrete. The concrete surface is covered from further leaks and corrosion by the cementation waterproofing membrane before retiling. Swimming pool upkeep requires cleaning the pool weekly, bi-weekly, or occasionally. To keep it clean and hygienic daily maintenance is needed just like tidying your house


Landscaping Maintenance:

Outlining and installing stunning operational landscapes for your every property is only the beginning of development and maintenance. To sustain and grow trees, constant maintenance with effective landscape maintenance services is as critical as the primary installation and needs to be performed frequently and correctly. There are several landscape facilities to help keep your property at its best. You can reach all your scenery targets with an excellent maintenance company.


Our pool repair services can help you fix any leak, valve replacement or pump malfunction. We are specialized in identifying and fixing pool leaks. Confide that the job is fine and successful with our experts.


Our fully-trained and equipped specialists will support you if your pump has stopped functioning or you need a light replacement. Our expert pool technicians make it easy to install your new pool equipment.


Accurate pool maintenance can do more than just prolong your fun in the sun. By employing a skilled swimming pool management firm in Dubai, you ensure that your pool is impressive and that the water quality of the pool remains outstanding and disinfected.


Swimming pool liners normally last 10 years total. Upon UV radiation, water, pressure and bacteria, even the toughest surface breaks down. We have quality pool liners products which are smooth and durable at the cost-effective rate.


Pressure washing a pool is an effective way to remove dirt and even algae. Maintain your pool deck new and tidy, avoid materials from rotting and give life to hard surfaces across your pool.


Take the headache out of getting your pool ready for the season. Your swim pool/spa will be opened or shut by our qualified technicians. Your pool or spa and facilities are managed professionally and prepared for every season.


Does your inground pool seem too old? Does your pool appear unpleasant and you find it uncomfortable to swim? Are tiles slipping away? Our team can help design and restore old pools to look brand new!


We carry a wide variety of ceramic, glass and natural tile to choose from. From incredible glasses to soft earthy tones; your tile is the highlight of your poolside from a clear waterline to an elevated spa wall. Our collections can assist you in selecting a pool tile-matching your unique style.


Our maintenance staff will help you easily find and overcome any problems with your pool. A number of complications like pump and filter problems, erratic water temperature, and inconsistent water sources, can be easily handled by our team of in-house servicing professionals.